Collateral Damage


Amidst our constant and fierce battle against our political leaders, economic fluctuation, oppression, liberal and religious extremism, not to forget the star of them all, terrorism, many have failed or refused to notice the victims of drone attacks. This very alarming instances happening in the northern areas of Pakistan are out shadowed by the many worldly interventions that directly affect our lives as most of us deny reacting until the knife is pointing on our neck. We named our country The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and it may be sheer hypocrisy or just confusion that made the people of this country celebrate the murder of a man-proclaimed blasphemer and yet fall short in defending the lives of our countrymen who too are in the verge of unjustified death.

As a part of The United States of America’s war on terror, they have launched attacks on the northern part of Pakistan as per the findings of intelligence groups which claim that terrorists have sought fortress in that region. The weapon they found to be most viable for the situation are drones or unmanned aerial vehicles which drop missiles on specific target zones. Since 2004, the estimated ratio of 1 militant is to 10 civilians have been killed by drone attacks in North Pakistan alone. Most of these people are civilian casualties or what the self-righteous soldiers have coined like a lifeless “collateral damage”. The value of life in Pakistan is a second rate issue compared to politics and more politics which have already perpetrated all of the society’s roots.

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